Fewer leaks within weeks

Strengthen your pelvic floor with a game

"You can monitor your pelvic floor and increase your strength. The best news? You do it by playing games."

"This is a modern and efficient way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles"

"Perfit is the only Kegel exerciser that strengthens both superficial and deep pelvic floor muscles. At last! My Kegel Holy Grail. "

Perifit reviews

Sandrine Galliac-Alanbari

Author of Female Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

"My patients really get into the game. They love it, they are enthusiastic..."

"Perifit is likely to become the must-have of connected women."

"Finally, a device that can work out your pelvic floor."

Meet the #1 pelvic floor trainer

Perifit is an innovative internal sensor that wirelessly connects to your smartphone, allowing you to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles in an entertaining, effective way.

Stop incontinence

Prevent disorders

Enhance intimacy

Rated 4,7/5 (37 reviews)

Every pelvic floor specialist we met told us that strengthening both superficial and deep pelvic floor layers was essential to get results. Perifit is the only pelvic floor trainer with two sensors which help you strengthening both of these pelvic floor layers.

The only pelvic floor trainer with 2 sensors

Step by step instruction for a great start

The Perfit app gently guides you through your initial training. It provides a clear and simple explanation for every exercise, and lots of advice for a perfect workout, every time.

Comfortable and easy to use

The Perifit sensor is only 26mm wide. It fits all body types and accurately measures your lift strength.
After each use, simply wash it with soap and water.


26mm diameter

On-demand training sessions

You can use your Perifit whenever and wherever you want. And it's especially effective to help supplement physical therapy sessions if you’re working with a specialist.

A virtual coach to boost your motivation

Any workout is more fun when you have a coach to train and encourage you.
With Perifit's virtual coach feature, your workout is efficient, effective, and entertaining.

Turn your Kegel exercises into a game

Forget about doing confusing Kegels or trying to get through boring, repetitive workouts.

Every level is carefully designed by world-class pelvic floor disorder specialists.

Powerful analysis of your progress

Perifit uses proprietary algorithms to assess your personal pelvic floor performance against five key metrics: strength, endurance, frequency, release and accuracy.

Customer reviews

Just received your product and love it!!

The game itself is good! I have only used it twice so far. But so far loving it. It’s not too easy or hard.

A revolution in women’s health

I got stress incontinence after childbirth, and have tried everything from traditional Kegel exercises and vaginal weights to Vagiflex, in hope of recovering my pelvic floor muscles. This was to no avail, mostly because I could not keep my motivation up. I did not know if I was doing it right, and I did not know if I was making progress.

Perifit is, in my opinion, a revolution in women’s health, and I am grateful to the Perifit-team for developing such an advanced - and fun - pelvic floor exerciser for women.

I have an Iphone. The only thing I did when the perifit arrived, was to download the app, activate bluetooth and switch on the vaginal probe. Perifit is so simple to use. It is amazing that the direct response to my muscle activity immediately causes action in the game. I literally play games with my vagina;), and at the same time I get a dynamic exercise plan with both muscular contraction and relaxation. The game has different levels to choose from, and different programs for stress or urge incontinence amongst others. Now exercising my pelvic floor muscles is fun, and seeing results both on screen and -most important- in real life motivates me to keep up.

Perifit works very well

The probe works very well, even if it took me several days to find the right position so that the legs do not interfere because it is sensitive: it is necessary to spread the legs by placing the knees on a small cushion or on the quilt, and well relax the buttocks and belly. The functionalities remain for the moment basic and require to be expanded: graphs of results, test of departure and coach then to help us to better choose our level and the type of exercise, other atmospheres ... and also to provide a small storage bag for the probe.

Such a great product

I did receive my product before Christmas and love it. The wait was worth it. Thank you all for creating such a great product for women.

Perifit makes me feel sexy again

No issue! Just a quick note to express how awesome this little trainer is! I have been married for 15 years and have three children. It is easy to say that after the birth of my children I have been insecure about the muscle strength of the pelvic floor during sex. My husband would never say anything negative about my vajj for fear of being cut off! lol! But I know it has grown weaker by the year because when I cough or sneeze I “tinkle” a little which is good indication. I work out and keep a good body but have never been able to work out this much needed area on my body! Because of Perifit, I am gaining confidence in my performance in bed and that confidence makes me feel sexy again! My husband doesn’t know what happened but let’s just say he’s super happy these days! Thank you so much for having the smart idea and for being brave enough to launch this little device! Hats off to Perifit!

So happy

I am so happy!!! 🤣🤣🤣
I received my perifit !!!
It's just starting to work on my perineum.
Many thanks to you and your team 🤗🤗

I recommend Perifit

I have been suffering from stress incontinence for a few years and I decided to buy Perifit to rehabilitate me.

I received it in December 2017 and for 2 months, I have practiced 3 trainings per week recommended by the application and I perceive some improvement. There are other programs besides stress incontinence: postpartum, urge incontinence, and sex, which can adapt to the expectations of other users.

The application works well and Perifit is globally well detected by the Bluetooth of my phone (I am under Android).

It's a purchase I recommend!

Improve your well-being

Strengthen your pelvic floor in 2 weeks

Stop incontinence and prolapse permanently

Boost your intimate well-being

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